Seminar held on February 25th and 26th, 2019
Analytical Sampling & Testing Challenges and Opportunities in India

Key Objective: To enable stakeholder consultations for identifying issues which the beverage category faces in terms of testing and sampling and provide feasible solutions to address the challenges.

The beverage industry is growing each year with the introduction of new products, such as vitamin fortified water, energy drinks, anti-aging water, and sports drinks. With this growth come many more analytical challenges. These challenges are compounded by the continuing and new needs to analyze classic favourites like sodas, fruit juices, milk drink and bottled water. For all beverages, the compositional quality and safety must be monitored to help track contamination, adulteration and product consistency, as also to ensure regulatory compliance from the raw ingredients (water, additives and fruits) to the final product.

On February 25 and 26, 2019, IBA, in partnership with AOAC-India Section and in association with FSSAI, organized a two-day ‘Beverage Sampling & Testing Methodology’ seminar which included sessions on regulatory interface with analytical testing to testing methodology, use of correct equipment, reporting and interpretation of data followed by a hands-on training on testing key nutrients in the beverage categories.

In this seminar, distinguished speakers from the Industry, the Food testing laboratories, Regulatory authorities and Scientific experts shared their experiences and approaches to testing beverages, with a demonstration that will focus on analytical techniques that show great potential in solving today’s scientific and operational challenges in the industry.