Parle Agro

Parle Agro is the largest Indian beverage conglomerate. Parle Agro was established in 1985 with one sole purpose – to ‘Refresh India’ with juicy and zestful thirst quenchers. Over the last 25 years, Parle Agro has done that through leading brands like Frooti, Appy, Appy Fizz and packaged drinking water, Bailley. With every launch, it has always been an industry pioneer. It was the first company to introduce fruit drinks in a Tetra Pak format as well as in PET bottles.

In 2007, Parle Agro made the bold leap of foraying into the food business by launching numerous confectionaries such as Softease. The year 2009 saw the launch of one of India’s most popular snacks, Hippo baked munchies. Today Parle Agro is divided into four extremely successful divisions – Beverages, Food, Water and the PET business.

At the core of the Parle Agro Business are its two largest divisions – Beverages and Water. The oldest member of the beverage family is the iconic Frooti, India’s first and the most trusted Fruit Beverage Brand (named by Economics Times in its Top 100 Most Trusted Brands of 2011). Launched in 1985, Frooti is the most preferred mango drink the world over. Another extremely popular beverage is Appy, India’s first still apple drink. Launched in 1986, it is the country’s most popular apple drink due to its refreshingly cool flavour. One of the newest members in the beverage family, Appy Fizz, the sparkling apple drink was launched in 2005. The drink is one of the most popular beverages amongst Indian youth. The water division is spearheaded by Bailley Packaged Drinking Water. It was the first water brand to be given an ISI certification and is one of India’s most popular packaged drinking waters.

Over the years, Parle Agro factories and franchisees have spread to every part of the country. There are also three more franchisees overseas with two in Nepal and one in Bangladesh. Furthermore, Parle Agro products are not just consumed within the Indian subcontinent. The Company’s fruit based drinks, PET preforms, snack foods and confectionaries are exported to 40 countries around the world.

Parle Agro, with its innovative and refreshing products, is today one of India’s most trusted names and, with each year, the Company continues to surpass business expectations. Today’s annual turnover of Rs.10 billion is expected to grow to Rs.30 billion over the next few years. What is today one of India’s largest Food & Beverage companies could soon become one of the world’s largest.


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