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PepsiCo India Region: Leadership through Performance with Purpose

PepsiCo entered India in 1989 and in a short period of 20 years has grown into the largest and one of the fastest growing food & beverage business in the country. PepsiCo India’s growth has been guided by PepsiCo’s global vision of “Performance with Purpose”.

Large investor: One of the largest US multinational investors in the country with an investment of over $1 billion, PepsiCo India provides direct and indirect employment to over 1,50,000 people. Its business is supported by 36 beverage bottling plants, (13 company and 23 franchisee owned) and three food plants. PepsiCo India’s diverse portfolio includes iconic brands like Pepsi, Lay’s, Kurkure, Tropicana 100%, Gatorade, Quaker and young but immensely popular and fast growing brands such as Nimbooz and Aliva.

No.1 food & beverage business in India: PepsiCo India has not only grown to become the country’s largest food and beverage business but is a powerful and consistent driver of PepsiCo’s global growth.

A third of PepsiCo India’s portfolio today comprises healthier products: PepsiCo’s portfolio reflects its commitment to nourish consumers with a diverse range of fun and healthy products, making the healthful choice an easier choice.  PepsiCo was the first in India to introduce the use of healthier oils for its snacks — Lays Potato chips, Kurkure and Cheetos.

Model partnership with over 22,000 farmers: PepsiCo has pioneered and established a model of partnership with farmers and now works with over 22,000 happy farmers across seven states. PepsiCo provides 360 degree support to the farmer through quality seeds, extension services, disease control packages, bank loans, weather insurance, and latest technological practices.

Global leader in water conservation: In 2009, PepsiCo India achieved a significant milestone, by becoming the first business in the PepsiCo system to achieve ‘Positive Water Balance’ (PWB). This means that it replenishes more water than it consumes in its manufacturing operations. For water related environment initiatives, PepsiCo India has received numerous awards.

Care for the environment: Following its success in water conservation, the company is now focused on reducing its carbon footprint. Nearly 30% of its energy is today generated from renewable sources such as rice husk boilers and wind turbines.

Exemplary employment practices: PepsiCo India believes in providing employment and growth opportunities to local talent. Its ‘College of Leadership’, ensures early identification of talent, and employees’ focused development through critical experiences. PepsiCo strongly believes in “Winning with Diversity and Inclusion” and women comprise more than 25% of the company’s leadership team in India.

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