Managing Committee

The Managing Committee of IBA is constituted by election in accordance of the Rule 9 of the Indian Beverage Association Rules.

The Managing Committee comprises of the authorized representatives of the Subscriber Members (RSMs) and may include such other Member(s) of the Society as may be decided by the RSMs, provided however, that the total number of Members in the Managing Committee shall not exceed 11. The period of Membership of non RSM Members of the Managing Committee shall not exceed 1 (one) year at a time.

The President, Vice President and the Treasurer of the IBA are elected annually by the RSMs from amongst them. The present constitution of the Managing Committee is as follows:

Name Organization Position
Mr. C.K. Jaipuria ISDMA Chairperson
Mr. S.R. Goenka M/s Bengal Beverages Pvt. Ltd. Vice-Chairperson
Ms. Devyani Rana M/s Coca-Cola India Private Limited Member
Ms. Garima Singh M/s PepsiCo India Holdings Pvt. Ltd. Member
Mr. C.K. Jaipuria M/s Pearl Drinks India Limited Member
Mr. Bhaskar Sharma M/s Red Bull India Member
Mr. K. Ganesh M/s Bisleri International Pvt. Ltd Member
Mr. Byas Anand M/s Dabur India Ltd. Treasurer

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