A Joint Venture between Tata Global Beverages Limited (“Tata”) and PepsiCo India Holdings Private Limited (“PepsiCo India”) , NourishCo aims to provide meaningful hydration solutions in the non-carbonated, ready-to-drink beverages segment in India and around the world. NourishCo is keenly focused on enhancing the hydration category in India. The portfolio includes Himalayan, India’s premiere natural mineral water brand, Tata Gluco Plus, a glucose based drink in an affordable cup format and Tata Water Plus, Nutrient Water, an innovative product that seeks to provide essential micronutrients. The group has built an expansive pipeline of innovations that will be used to fuel growth and create newer hydration solutions. The JV was formed in 2010 through a joint venture agreement between Tata Global Beverages and PepsiCo India. NourishCo has a vision for growth and has tremendous potential with ‘good for you’ products.

Tata Water Plus: It is a creation by global nutrition experts using state-of-the art process and ingredients with real benefits. Fortified with bio-available Copper, it does more than quench your thirst. Copper helps support body functions. A litre of Tata Water Plus meets 40% Required Daily Allowance (RDA) for Copper. What’s more, it tastes and looks just like water. Available in a 200ml pouch, 500ml and 1ltr PET bottle. Tata Water Plus quenches your thirst and refreshes you with a promise of health.

Tata Gluco Plus: It is a glucose based fruit drink with Glucose, Electrolytes and Iron to provide instant energy. It offers the benefits of Glucose Energy, Mineral Salts and Iron that instantly energies & refresh. Available in five energizing flavors: Lemony Zing, Orangy Burst, Mangoey Rush, Grapey Blitz and Applez Cinnamony. Available in a convenient 200ml cup and 500ML PET. Tata Gluco Plus, along with it’s fantastic taste and instant energy also comes with a promise of quality and hygiene on-the-go. Tata Gluco Plus is a product for the masses to uplift them in the moments when they face a drop in their energy levels with nothing but real instant energy
Himalayan Natural Mineral Water: Truly, there can be no better way to describe water the way nature has meant it to be. With every drop passing through natural layers of rock, sand and clay for 20yrs before reaching you, each sip gives the wellness of vital organic minerals. Bottled at source, with a plant at the foothills of the Himalayas, the purity of Himalayan natural mineral water gives it a unique taste! Himalayan is the only natural mineral water brand to enjoy accreditations from renowned institutes across the world including Institute De Fresenius, US FDA and the Health Ministries of Japan & France. The Himalayan consumer is one with a discerning taste and desire to imbibe nature’s goodness in his body daily with every sip of water consumed.

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